Activities & Courses

Sea Kayaking
Whether you just want to learn to handle your sea kayak more efficiently or gain some formal qualifications, we can offer tailor-made days or courses for you on a one to one or bespoke group bookings. We can train and assess British Canoeing Sea Kayak Award.

Do you want to get to grips with your river runner? Learn the skills to have more enjoyable sessions on the river, canal, sea or in the surf? We can offer tailor-made days or courses, just to gain experience or work towards a qualification. We can train and assess the British Canoeing Start, Discover and Explore Awards, also the Touring Awards.

Sit On Top
Do you want to paddle your sit on top more efficiently to get to your fishing destination? Or have fun in the surf? Learn how to get back on effectively? These skills and more can all be offered on one to one or group booking.